We Are New York Style Pizza

For over 10 years, Bella Pizzeria has been dedicated to bringing a slice of the east coast right here to Indiana. Our goal is to stay true to the legacy of the New York style pizza pie, and we strive to be the best NY-style pizzeria on this side of the Hudson!

What Is New York Style Pizza?
There are over 20 recognized variations of pizza served in the United States.  Many of these are actually derivatives of NY-style pizza. A New York Pizza is usually large (generally 18″-20″ in diameter) and hand tossed, giving it very thin crust. Traditionally, it has tomato sauce base and fresh mozzarella cheese as a topping, and additional toppings are usually added on top of the cheese.


Is New York Style Pizza supposed to be greasy?
Our pizza may seem greasy to some, but this is a by-product of our high standards. We use only top quality ingredients, including the finest Italian cheeses money can buy. So, while our melted cheese may potentially yield a “greasy” appearance, its taste and resistance to burning make it FAR superior to the “low moisture, part skim” cheese often used by the national pizza chains. Hence, why their pizza lacks robust flavor.


Why do we serve New York Style pizza In Indiana?
Pizza may have been invented in Italy, but it was perfected in New York City. It would cost roughly $462 to get a good pizza in Indiana – $17 for the pie, $85 for cab fare, and $363 for the flight to New York. We don’t look at other pizza fast food joints as competition, because we create a completely different product. They are mostly serving processed, flavorless frozen dough, low moisture cheeses, and cheap ingredients…all for a low price. At Bella, we believe that cheap ingredients make a profit, not a pizza, and we refuse to compromise when it comes to quality and classic New York traditions.


We make only the “real deal” New York Style pizza pies, each one passionately crafted from scratch. We are a pizzeria, not a fast food pizza place, and we think you’ll agree that our pizza does the Big Apple proud.

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